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MVT's Blogs & Client Communication

November 02, 2022

We are always working to improve communication efforts for our clients, and recently we have made a few changes that we think you will find helpful.

Our MVT Common Fund investment continues to grow. We have added to our website ( ( a description of the Fund, a digital account opening option, and a blog to cover particular investments in the Fund as well as current market information. These additions did spark some questions from clients, for example:

What’s a blog?

A blog is a collection of articles and videos that can keep you up-to-date on market concerns and MVT Common Fund ideas.

We understand the Common Fund is diversified, but how is it diversified?

The MVT Common Fund was developed as a global fund using the investment philosophy MVT has followed since our founding 26 years ago, using a benchmark of all global stocks and bonds.

What current market news is available in the blog?

We have a weekly Market Insight communication as well as various timely descriptions of MVT Common Fund holdings.

Can I look up information on individual investments?

Yes. You can look up descriptions as well as performance information for each investment on Schwab Alliance. If you are not set up for this research, we can help you get started. Contact: Veronica Jones -

We hope this short note brings you up to date on some of our new communication efforts, but please feel free to contact us to arrange a personal meeting that is convenient for you. Contact: John Mitchell –

John T. Mitchell
Mitchell, Vaught and Taylor.