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JUST: Investing in the Future

JUST: Investing in the Future

September 03, 2023

Over the past 50 years, our society has rapidly evolved at a pace that many assumed would be unfathomable. Whether that be through the breakthrough of medicines, to the creation and evolution of the internet, humans are able to do what in the past many assumed would be impossible. Today, our society continues to break boundaries and grow at a rapid pace; as a result, it is important to analyze these new opportunities and understand how they will affect our lives on a daily basis for the years to come.


In JUST Capital’s recent article, artificial intelligence has been highlighted as one of the most promising technologies that will enable humans across the globe to break boundaries that have never been touched before. As a result of the rapid growth of AI, we will be able to tackle a variety of different issues regarding access to information, new modelling techniques to combat complex medical issues, and much more. As companies such as Google and Microsoft have taken massive steps to grow the ability of AI and make it readily available to everyday consumers, not much is known about the implications, both positively and negatively, the new technology may cause. As a result, opinions on artificial intelligence vary across the board. While some believe that AI will ultimately help society in the long term, others believe that it will destroy our world in itself.


Regardless, regulation and oversight from both corporations and the government are being put in place to ensure that the technology grows at a pace sustainable enough to ensure that AI is accurate and safe. In an interview with 60 Minutes, Google CEO Sundar Pichai remarked that their version of AI, known as Bard, is being released to the public incrementally and is constantly being tweaked to improve user experience and accuracy. He stated that while models of the technology are extremely advanced, the general public is only getting a small taste of its abilities in order to ensure its overall credibility and safety. From a government perspective, Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, testified in front of the Senate in regard to the growth of AI and the necessity for regulation and ethics in the space. As a result, necessary steps are being taken to understand the new breakthrough technologies and the implications that such technology may cause.


From JUST Capital’s standpoint, their main concern revolves upon the implementation of AI from a stakeholder perspective. Will AI be used to improve the landscape of corporate stakeholders? Will it be able to help identify problematic issues in the workplace and help improve the overall ethicalities of companies abroad? While much is still unknown, JUST Capital hopes to be ahead of the curve.

Within the MVT Common Fund, we invest in Goldman Sachs JUST U.S. Large Cap Equity ETF. The objective of the fund is to provide results that mimic the performance of the JUST U.S. Large Cap Diversified Index. The index itself is created by JUST Capital and uses a unique process that ranks companies based on pressing issues that the American public view as important. These companies often combat these problems by taking active stances on improving these issues for the benefit of the American people. The following image lists the top 10 companies that are in the JUST ETF:

Past performance does not guarantee future results. For illustrative purposes only. Data Sources: Goldman Sachs, 8/23.


Interested in learning more about JUST Capital? Within their website, the investing tab provides a variety of different information for those who are interested. On this tab, you can see JUST Capital’s company rankings, news and insights, how JUST calculates their company rankings, and much more. As well as this, you can sign up for the JUST Report, which gives insights involving companies and issues that matter most. You can sign up for the report by visiting the following link: