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Our Visit to The Chicago Board Options Exchange

Our Visit to The Chicago Board Options Exchange

July 20, 2023

The Chicago Board Options Exchange, founded in 1973, is the largest U.S. options exchange offering a variety of different investment products including options, futures, and global foreign exchanges. Most notably, the exchange is known for the VIX Index, an index that is essential in tracking the overall volatility of markets across the globe. The exchange, formally known as CBOE, has a strong history in the investment world and is an essential part of the efficient markets that we currently have today. 

Recently, Will and I had the pleasure of visiting CBOE’s new trading floor, located in the Chicago Board of Trade building in downtown Chicago. While the trading floor was not nearly as hectic as it once was, due in large part to the digitalization of markets as the internet has evolved, there were still plenty of active traders on the floor doing what they do best. A mirage of screaming, abstract hand signals, and the rupture of cheers as the final bell rang made me feel immersed as if I was a part of the entire thing. It was truly an experience that I will never forget!

I would like to thank Bill Coumas and the team at BlackRock for extending the offer to attend the event! Being able to experience a piece of finance and market history was a fantastic opportunity and I learned a lot from it!

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