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Institutional Investing & Services

Client Centered

Institutions like public pensions, union benefit plans, municipalities and family businesses, have very different time horizons and risk concerns than individual investors. We have worked with institutional clients for more than 20 years, and we believe that the primary goal is to reduce risk. While risk can never be completely removed from an investment portfolio, the identification of those risks and the ability to reduce them while still providing income to beneficiaries is something at which we excel.

Cash management for participant payments is the other major component of institutional investing. Our advisors have worked on both sides of the table on this issue: as portfolio managers and as pension trustees.

We currently consult for over 30 different municipal pension funds in the state of Illinois. We provide the following:

  • Discretionary Fixed Income Portfolio Management (Individual Bonds)
  • Discretionary Equity Portfolio Management (Mutual Funds, ETF's, Dividend Stocks, Separate Accounts)
  • Nondiscretionary Consulting on Fixed Income and Equity Portfolios

For no additional fee, we provide the following services for our institutional clients:

  • Quarterly reports of holdings and performance
  • In-person attendance at pension meetings
  • Treasurer, IDOI, and Auditor reports
  • Electronic pension payments
  • Cash Management
  • Educational Opportunities

All of the work that we do is completely client-specific. We can create reports any way you like. Our on-staff attorney can draft Investment Policies. Our on-staff CPA can assist with accounting and auditing concerns (see Municipal Services tab).